Long Beach, California

According to the American Heart Association, walking has the lowest dropout rate of any physical activity. Think it doesn’t do any good? Think again. Walking is low impact and easier on the joints than running. It is safe—with a doctor’s okay—for people with orthopedic ailments, heart conditions, and those who are more than 20% overweight. In addition, research has shown that you could gain two hours of life for each hour of regular exercise. That quick stroll around the block seems a little more worthwhile now, doesn’t it?

Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll take a few minutes to learn about a current health topic from a healthcare professional, then spend the rest of the hour enjoying a healthy walk and fun conversation. It’s a great way to get out, get active, and enjoy all the benefits that come from walking. Walk at your own pace and distance.

The WWAD program was started in Columbus, OH in April of 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir and has now expanded throughout the world. You don’t need any special gear and there are no special rules. Our walking groups are a safe, fun, and FREE place to get some steps, learn about health, and meet new friends.

SCAN Health Plan is happy to partner with Walk with a Doc for this great series of events. Founded in Long Beach, California in 1977, SCAN is now one of the nation’s foremost not-for-profit Medicare Advantage plans.

Walk with a Doc is just one way to connect with your fellow SCAN members. Our Learning Communities offer a number of virtual meetups on a wide range of subjects.

Find the Learning Communities schedule, including future Walk with a Doc events, on our website: scanhealthplan.com/events.

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Long Beach, California

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Upcoming Walks, Topics & Leads:

Friday July 15, 2022, 10am-11am ”The Importance of Social Connection” with Romilla Batra, MD and Chief Medical Officer of SCAN Health Plan

Thursday August 18, 2022, 1pm-2pm ”Emotional Wellbeing—how and why we need to care for our emotional health” with Muhannad Hammash, MD and Corporate Medical Director at SCAN Health Plan

Friday August 26, 2022, 2pm-3pm ”Keeping Healthy During Flu Season” (Spanish speaking) with Ilan Shapiro, MD and Medical Affairs Officer at Alta Med

Friday September 16, 2022, 10am-11am ”Keeping Healthy During Flu Season” (English speaking) with Sharon Jhawar, Chief Pharmacy Officer at SCAN Health Plan

Wednesday October 19, 2022, 3pm-4pm ”Tips for Having Awkward Conversations with your Doctor (Falls, UI, Sexual Health)“ with Boris Lubavin, MD and Medical Director at SCAN Health Plan

Thursday November 17, 2022, 9am-10am ”How to Best Support Your Loved One in a Care Facility” with Benjamin Ware, MD and lead doctor for SCAN’s Mobile Care Team

Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 2pm-3pm ”Emotional Health at the Holidays” with David Tucker, LCSW & Cecile Aguero, LCSW, Complex Care Managers at SCAN Health Plan

Walk Location:
Pan American Park – 5157 E Centralia St, Long Beach, CA 90808

Contact Information:
Togetherness Coordinator
Ph: (562) 989-5292
Email: Togetherness@scanhealthplan.com