Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Walk and Bike to School with Dr. Eric… and take steps towards an active, healthy lifestyle!

Children of all ages (from age 2 days to 102 years) are invited to walk with Dr Eric for “summer walk school.”  Walks Join Dr Eric on the walking school bus to E Cook Elementary School every Monday and Wednesday in the spring and fall. Each walk will feature an educational topic that is important to young people, such as “Is it healthy to eat worms?” and “What is the best pet to walk?”  Experience the healthiest and most entertaining way to get to school.

New 2021 Summer Route:

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Advocate Aurora Health

Upcoming Walks
Walking every Monday and Wednesday from 7:15 – 7:45 AM in April, May, September, and October

Walk Location
The walking bus route starts at the Northeast corner of Murdock and Hickory at 7:15 am and goes west to Hazel and then south to E Cook.  Join at any point along the route.

Lead Physician:
Eric Smiltneek

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