Park City, Utah

According to the American Heart Association, walking has the lowest dropout rate of any physical activity. Think it doesn’t do any good? Think again. Walking is low impact and easier on the joints than running. It is safe – with a doctor’s okay – for people with orthopedic ailments, heart conditions, and those who are more than 20% overweight. In addition, research has shown that you could gain two hours of life for each hour of regular exercise! That quick stroll around the block seems a little more worthwhile now, doesn’t it?

Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll take a few minutes to learn about a current health topic from a healthcare provider, then spend the rest of the hour enjoying a healthy walk and fun conversation. It’s a great way to get out, get active, and enjoy all the benefits that come from walking. Walk your own pace and distance.

This program was started in Columbus, OH in April of 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir and has now expanded throughout the world. You don’t need any special gear and there are no special rules. Our walking groups are a safe, fun, and FREE place to get some steps, learn about health, and meet new friends.

City and State:
Park City, Utah

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Intermountain Healthcare: Park City Hospital

Upcoming Walks:
All walks are 8:00 – 9:00 AM!

Sat. May 14, 2022
Dr. Max Testa, M.D. – Sports Medicine Physician
Topic: Enhancing Breathing for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sat. June 18, 2022
Dr. Mary Veghte, M.D. – Family Practice Physician
Topic: Mindfulness, Meditation & Movement

Sat. July 16, 2022
Dr. Kate Smiley, MD – General Surgeon

Sat. August 20, 2022

Sat. September 17, 2022

Sat. October 15, 2022

Walk Location:
Quinn’s Junction Trailhead, in Park City, to the left adjacent to the parking lot for the sports fields, can’t miss it as you drive in. Walk: 2-3 mile walk at a leisurely pace.

Contact Information:
Jill Seifert

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