Avocado Toolkit

Avocado Toolkit

We know that physical activity helps prevent disease, but nutrition also plays a big part in overall healthy living as well! It starts with small, everyday changes, like swapping out bad fats for good fats, that can have a big impact on improving heart health. It is estimated by the American Heart Association that if Americans ate a diet including higher levels of fruits and vegetables, nearly 40,000 deaths would be avoided each year. We’re partnering with Fresh Avocados – Love One Today® to share information about one of our favorite heart-healthy fruits – avocados! We need the help of our Walk Leaders to spread the message to our walkers, and we’re asking you to host a walk by following the steps below.


Step 1: LEARN

Learn about the health benefits of avocados

Avocados are heart-healthy
They provide naturally good fats, are low in saturated fat, and are cholesterol- and sodium-free. Good fats do not raise LDL “bad” cholesterol levels. 75% of the fat in avocados is “good fat”.

Swapping out bad fats for good fats is easier with avocados
Delicious and creamy, fresh avocados provide naturally good fats and have the versatility to help makeover hundreds of dishes to be more heart healthy, from soups, salads to entrees, without sacrificing taste nor satisfaction.

They are nutrient-dense
One-third of a medium avocado (50g) has 80 calories and contributes nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds, making it a healthy nutrient-dense choice that can enhance the quality of your diet.

They are a good source of fiber
Dietary fiber adds bulk to the diet and can help you feel fuller faster with fewer calories, which can increase satiety and help manage weight. Avocados provide 3g of fiber per 50g serving.


Register your avocado walk and receive a free long sleeve hooded t-shirt and a handful of handy fresh avocado cutters


Promote your avocado walk​ with these materials

Event Flyer
Press Release
Patient RX

Social Media Posts:

Avocados are delicious but do you know why they are also nutritious?! Join us for our next @walkwithadoc event on [DATE] to learn more about the importance of combining exercise with good nutrition, and some fun recipes from @loveonetoday! Meet us at [Park Name] at [Time]. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2GKt0I0

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There are easy ways to swap out “bad” fat for “good” fat in your diet, which can have a big impact on your heart health! Avocados provide naturally good fats, are low in saturated fat, and are cholesterol- and sodium-free. Learn more at @loveonetoday and http://bit.ly/2GKt0I0. Thanks for sharing @walkwithadoc !

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Step 4: WALK

Print these materials and host your avocado-themed walk!

Avocado Talking Points
Sheet

Download and print these recipes and provide them to your walkers.  Emphasize how small, everyday changes, like swapping out bad fats for good fats, can have a big impact on improving heart health. Delicious, heart-healthy avocados contain naturally good fats.  Avocados are effectively the only fruit that contains monounsaturated fat which can help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in your blood which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. They add health benefits  without sacrificing taste and satisfaction.

Avocado Banana Pancake Stacks
Avocado Cauliflower Pizza
Grilled Salmon Tacos w Avocado Cabbage Carrot Slaw

Step 5: SHARE

Tell us how your avocado walk went! Send the following to contact@walkwithadoc.org:

  • Sign-in sheets
  • Fun stories/comments from walkers
  • Pictures using the avocado cutters in your Special Edition Avocado Walk T-Shirt

Once we have those, we’ll send some Special Edition Avocado Walk T-Shirts for your walkers (while supplies last)!